Masks for Medics is a collaboration between doctors and healthcare workers who are on the frontline treating those infected with COVID-19. Our aim is to equip community health-workers with the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required to keep themselves and others safe.

For every patient that a health-worker treats, a full kit of PPE is required.

The basic PPE kit required per patient includes:





The cost of one kit is: R224.

We need disaster relief funding via community donations for 10 000 full PPE kits.

PPE prevents us getting COVID-19 and giving it to you!

Looking for PPE? Follow these links to apply:


Devastating scenes from across the world have shown how healthcare workers at all levels have grappled with the challenge of an overwhelming number of patients. We know that these unprecedented numbers of patients have placed extreme pressure on resources such as manpower, ventilators, and PPE.

Fortunately, South Africa responded timeously, with decisive measures aimed at 'flattening the curve'. This has given us extra time to prepare for a significant surge, but experts agree that this is a temporary reprieve.

Home is where the heart is

Home-based care "reserves" valuable hospital beds for the critically ill and makes follow up for discharged patients possible. Home-based care also allows for effective palliative care and protects patients from being separated from their families at a time when they will need them most.

As critical infection rates surge, the healthcare systems will be under significant pressure and will almost certainly be unable to provide ICU beds, ventilators and treatment to all who need them. Home-based care is the next best alternative. This will require help from GP's, Community Healthcare workers, and teams of doctors from local hospitals.

Winter is coming

As Winter approaches, lockdown eases, and community spread increases, numbers of those infected will escalate. Compounding this is the gross inequalities of the South African socio-economic terrain, with many communities experiencing limited resources, overcrowded living conditions, and profound vulnerability due to the economic downturn.

Mainstream supply chains of protective gear (e.g. for hospitals & community health clinics) do not supply PPE to doctors or other healthcare workers who visit patients at home in their community. In addition, measurement parameters such as oxygen saturation (pulse oximeters) and temperature measurement (thermometers) will be required to effectively manage communities.

Emergency Disaster Relief Funding by way of community donations is the only avenue available to us.

Your donation allows us to:

  • Protect and keep community healthcare workers safe in the greater Cape Town area (including the CBD, Cape Flats, and Township communities) by providing adequate PPE.
  • Enable the safe and effective treatment of the sickest of COVID-19 patients in their own homes.
  • Provide protection for those providers who are most disadvantaged and treat the most disadvantaged in the community (e.g., Carers of sick, residents in Elderly Care facilities).

If funding allows, our scope will include vital dissemination of information, education, research, and securing other essential resources.


R50 - pays for a faceshield and 3 surgical masks.
R150 - pays for 2 N95 masks and a face shield.
R300 - pays for a full set of PPE!
R1000 - pays for 3 full sets of PPE and a coverall.

The Angel Network NPO
Account No: 62726312391
Bank: FNB
Branch: 250655
Reference: MasksforMedics/surname
NPO Number: 181-947
PBO Number: 930064016


We have partnered with The Angel Network who are an established NPO and are able to issue a Section 18a tax certificate.